Spheres of Connectivity

Body - The Physical Matter of Sustainability

  • Natural land features/site conditions
  • Budget/Construction cost/Economic factors
  • Functional space requirements/Owner Needs
  • Physical Design Elements
  • Technology/Green building strategies

Mind - The Emotional Pull of Sustainability

  • Perceptions/Memories
  • Feeling a “sense of place
  • Symbols/messages conveyed
  • Emotional response to “place
    • Do I like it here/do I feel comfortable
    • Do I feel safe and protected
    • Am I at ease

Spirit - The Soulfulness of Sustainability

  • Meaningful connections to the world around us
  • The poetics of space
    • places for quiet contemplation
    • places to connect with others
    • places to inspire the human spirit

Integration of Spheres

As human beings we have certain inherent qualities.

  • we are social creatures and have the need to interact and socialize with others
  • we have basic needs for physical shelter, food, water and clean air to breathe
  • we need to feel protected/safe/nurtured
  • we are individuals that need to be alone at times – need privacy
  • we have an innate need to feel connected to the world around us in meaningful ways

so when we design places in such a manner as to provide opportunities for these needs to be met and to allow our  human qualities to flourish and be fulfilled,  we create architectural experiences that foster our physical and emotional well-being and sustain the human spirit.