We start with the understanding that architecture is about celebrating the human experience…

…at home

…at work

…and wherever we experience the built environment

All our work revolves around this notion and around the idea of “spheres of connectivity-the poetics of sustainability”,  which explores the relationship between the functional, physical components of architecture;  our emotional response to design, and the soul of sustainability…
…and around the notion that there is an intrinsic relationship between the physical/the emotional/and the spirit of place that contributes to the essence of architecture and sustainability.

Through our integrated design approach, we inform our clients of the architectural concepts and design strategies of sustainability in order to make educated choices so we can create meaningful places that exceed our clients’ vision, support the environment, and shape the poetics of space.  It is the experience of architecture and the solutions we create that affect our physical and emotional well-being, contribute to the quality of our lives, and serve to inspire and sustain the human spirit. 

Winston Churchill once said… ” we shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us


We provide an environment for listening and communication to ensure that we have a clear understand of our client’s vision and their expectations.

Collaborate - Explore

We foster a sense of teamwork and a spirit of collaboration with our clients and other team members to promote the exploration of ideas that allows ordinary people such as client, architect, and builder, to come together to achieve extra-ordinary results. 


We value the process and the manner in which we work together to achieve our common goals with mutual respect and a sense of joy.


We provide attention to detail and the direct personal involvement of the firm’s principal architect on each project.


Through listening, exploring, and collaboration, we create design solutions that enrich our client’s vision, while supporting the environment and our well-being in ways that inspire, sustain, and celebrate the human spirit.